About Joslyn Stella

Achieve your physical and emotional goals with the help of Forrest Yoga and Joslyn Stella.

Forrest Yoga is a powerful and therapeutic practice, perfect for working with the modern body as it helps relieve the stresses, whether physical, emotional or spiritual that are associated with modern life.

Joslyn is a caring, approachable and enthusiastic teacher, who is passionate about showing her students the wonderful benefits of Forrest Yoga, both on and off the mat.

Her aim is to work with her students to develop their own practice and help them to develop a deep connection to their own bodies by leading them through deep breath work, a sequence of strong poses and helpful hands on assists.

A willingness to get on the mat is all you need, so please join Joslyn Stella at a class near you.

For more information regarding group sessions, taster sessions and private one-to-one classes in your area please contact Joslyn Stella.

0779 557 4320js@yogahelps.co.ukyogahelps.co.uk