Thursday Night Lenzie Yoga Class | 4 Week Block | January 2022


This will be a forrest yoga inspired class, which will run as a 4wk block, starting on Thursday 4th November 2021. Joslyn will begin each class focussing on the breath, then lead the students through a series of strong poses before finishing with a lovely relaxation. There will be a strong emphasis on deep, conscious breathing, engaging the core, building strength and awakening all the senses.

This block is suitable for those wanting to try yoga for the first time or those wanting to deepen their own practice.

Due to current Covid guidelines and restrictions you will need to bring your own yoga mat to class and wear a face mask at all times except when you are on your own mat doing your practice or if you have a medical condition which prevents you from wearing a mask. Can I please ask that you only bring essential personal items to class.  Hand sanitiser will be provided at the entrance and exit to the hall.

Car parking is available in the church grounds or on the road directly outside.

To find out more about the class please email me at

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